About Us

    Brats Chocolates all began with a team of 3 ambitious young individuals. The inspiring story began with one of the 3, TJ, worked at a local confectionary shop in his teens and fell in love with the craft of chocolate. He entered university and studied accounting but could not forget his true passion. Surrounding TJ, were close university peer, Tess and old childhood friend Sandy. TJ shared his strong passion and it wasn’t long until Tess and Sandy also fell in love with the art of chocolate. The three decided to pool whatever money they had for the starting funds to create Brats Chocolates.
    In 2011, the three launched Brats Chocolates and hoped to fix a problem in today’s chocolate age. There was something missing! It wasn’t adventurous enough. No one took risks anymore! Going back to the beginning, the finest flavours were discovered by famous crafters experimenting with different methods and ingredients to develop world class chocolates. Some discoveries were even accidental!
    However, in recent years, chocolate companies have played it too safe. Therefore, Brats Chocolates created a mission to distinguish themselves as a company with an edge and “Chocolate with an Edge”. The process included wild ingredients, insane combinations and intriguing experiments. When they discovered that winning combination, it was the crème de la crème of taste! These 3 founded Brats Chocolates in 2011 and the company has produced over 20 different to-die-for chocolate flavours—featuring Pikes Peak- creamy smooth caramel with crunchy pecans and soft flowing marshmallow all smothered in rich luscious milk chocolate. Brats Chocolates also features decadent dark chocolate sponge toffee, delicious chocolate covered s’mores, exquisite toffee chews and so much more. Brats Chocolates plans to expand taste palates with new flavours in the future!